A sample semester agenda

Week Topic
1 Welcome
  Welcome, Introduction to Engineering
2 Engineering history
  Achievements and failures
3 Ethics and social responsibility
  Codes of ethics across the disciplines
4 Ethical frameworks
  Midterm Exam 1
5 The engineering design process
  Design activity
6 Design thinking
  Social justice in engineering
7 Global development
  Global engineering
8 Delivering effective presentations
  Midterm Exam 2
9 No Class; Advisement Day
  Writing an essay
10 No Class; Break
  No Class; Break
11 Engineering calculations
  Engineering problem solving w/ Excel
12 Engineering problem solving w/ Excel
  Engineering problem solving w/ Excel
13 Engineering materials
  Midterm Exam 3
14 Materials selection
  Intellectual property
15 Professional responsibility and NDAs
  Summary and Review