Lab Overview

The lab portion of this course involves two primary components, learning mechatronics and programming using the Arduino platform and a design project which also involves using the Arduino platform. Note that there are a lot of great tutorials for the Arduino online. A few specifics that we’d like you to complete are linked below. Here are some links to a variety of others:, ARDX, Smraza

Phase 1: Introduction (approximately 3 weeks)

The first few weeks of lab involve getting to know the Arduino platform through a series of lab activities:

For each of Parts 1-5, please make sure you do the following:

  1. Construct the electrical circuit as shown in the tutorial.
  2. Load the provided code onto your Arduino, see if it runs as expected.
  3. Walk through the code line-by-line. What does each line do?
  4. Now edit the code to make it do something different. What did you change and why? Did the change have the intended effect?

Phase 2: Design Project

The course project is intended to supplement and reinforce the topics that are discussed in lecture and to give you a real-world experience carrying out the engineering design process. Through this project experience you will have the opportunity to learn about electrical and mechanical design using a lab kit. You will participate in user-centered design which means you need to consider not only the technical requirements of the project but the environmental, social, and ethical implications of your design.

More details provided on the Design Project page.